Brand New Dual Port SFP28 10/25Gbps Network Adapter – HPE Mellanox MCX562A Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port SFP28 OCP3 Adapter

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The HPE Dual Port SFP28 10/25Gbps Network Adapter is a high-performance NIC designed for data centers and enterprise networks. It offers support for both 10Gbps and 25Gbps speeds, providing efficient data transfer and improved network performance. The compact SFP28 form factor makes it easy to install and integrate into existing systems. With dual ports, this adapter provides added redundancy and increased network capacity. The HPE Dual Port SFP28 Network Adapter is an optimal solution for high-speed network upgrades, and it is SEO optimized for better visibility.

HPE 10/25GbE 2P SFP28 MCX562A OCP3 Adptr

Product Number P10112-B21
Data rate 10/25 Gb
Bus Type PCIe Gen3x16
Form Factor OCP3.0/Standup